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Jim Brown speaks of Black Activism as a celebrity and entertainer.

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Jim Brown speaks of Black Activism as a celebrity and entertainer. He talks about his feelings  that Black sport celebrities and entertainers should do more than just entertain. Do you agree?, tell us your opinion.

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  1. Timothy Walker
    Timothy Walker

    I believe that Jim Brown is correct when he says that black entertainers and athletes should assist in
    helping the African American community. However, the majority of these black entertainers and athletes
    probably has no knowledge of there history and even care to know about it. Remember, we have been
    programed by the white establishment to be desensitized about our history. Therefore, I do not think
    you will get a large number of our black entertainers and athletes to join in the economic rescue of
    the plight of our black communities or causes. What we have to do is set up community centers and have
    educated black clinical physicalists like Dr. Umar Johnson or the late Dr. Cres Welshing to speak on why we act
    the way we do due to lack of knowledge of our history. Tim Walker


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