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“One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors” (OMCBV&C)

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We are calling for (minimally) one million Race-conscious Black voters to join forces with us, and as our One Million continue to hear and heed our call-to-arms, the abundance of talent, skills, and expertise to be found among you will readily become evident, and each of you will begin to find or make your place in our ranks, and take on assignments critical to our eventual success.

What is a “Conscious Black Voter?” The One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors Movement refers to Black individuals who are fully aware that our race needs the best-and-brightest we produce to place the interests of our people collectively in “first-position.” In doing so, we put into practice what all other racial and ethnic groups do routinely and automatically.

This is By calling the best and brightest among us to join forces and pool resources to build the capacity of our race to advance and protect its collective interests, the One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors campaign seeks to have black people do what other groups have done and do every day: Lift ourselves out of our lowly condition by our own collective efforts! A conscious Black voter would do this by voting as part of a solid block of Black voters determined to influence public policy decisions so that they favor rather than hurt black people, and open pathways to a better future for our children.

Correspondingly, a conscious Black contributor would readily pool his/her financial and other resources and resourcefulness to provide the wherewithal to underwrite the costs of projects and programs designed and intended to serve the needs and interests of our people.

To the skeptics out there who think Black folks are too individualistic to come together in such a large number, that one million Black folks will not cooperate, that we have too many schisms among us, and we will not trust one another, we say, “Not so.”

To the doubters who continue to have faith in Democratic AND Republican platforms, which have ignored our needs, collaborated against our best interests, and engaged in flawed analyses of problems and the solutions thereof, we say, “not so fast.”

We submit to you that even within the most reactionary, non-revolutionary Black person there is at least a REMNANT of a DESIRE to love Black people; and it is that residue of unrequited love that we are appealing to. Our assertion is that there are at least 1 million Black folks actively seeking for ways, means and reasons for us to come together to take corrective ACTION.

We invite you to become One of the Million Conscious Black Voters and help us break the ties that bind our people to dependency, self-negation, and the lowest rung on the political, social and economic ladder of American society.

Be “One of the Million” and let’s finally let our people and everyone else know that we are very serious about being economically and politically empowered.



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