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South African Professor Unapologetically Defend His Comparison of Hitler and White People

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May 25, 2016 | Posted by


Last March, Mcebo Dlamini, South African Student Representative Council president of Wits University, resigned from his post after making a Facebook post praising Adolf Hitler for his organizational skills.

Dlamini talked about his comments on South Africa’s eNCA last year. In the nearly 11-minute interview, he praises German dictator Adolf Hitler. He says Hitler should be recognized for bringing the nation together. However, this is not the highlight of the interview.

In the final minutes, Dlamini says that all white people have an “element of Hitler in them.” To the surprise of the interviewer, she brings up “good” white people who were part of dismantling the country’s Apartheid to counter his claim.

He defends his statement by stating that “white people have blood on their hands, white people colonized us, dispersed us and enslaved us … that is white people … they are racist and full of hate.”

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  1. eddy

    I am in over 1 billion % agreement with the brother. let Africa (Alkhebulan) rise again.

  2. Anthony Morgan
    Anthony Morgan

    He’s right that the German people must have seen something good in Adolf Hitler, or else why did they follow him? Only other explanation is that they were all exactly as evil as he was.


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