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Help Save Mumia Abu Jamal and Prison Radio

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Help Save Mumia Abu Jamal and Prison Radio.

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Mumia has been ailing

You might have gotten a call yesterday with a message from Mumia Abu-Jamal, Kerry Shakaboona Marshall, Reverend Pinkney, and Natalie DeMola. If you missed it, there’s a recording here.

They called to say that we’re down to the wire, and to ask for your help. Tomorrow our campaign to raise funds to “keep the wolf from the door” as Mumia says best will come to a close.

So far, 354 supporters have pitched and raised $41,175 so that prisoners across the country can have a voice- loud, uncensored, and heard on over 1,000 radio stations world-wide.

Now, we need 46 more people to chip in if we’re going to reach our goal.

Will you pitch in today today to bring us to our goal and keep prisoners’ voices soaring? Through midnight tomorrow, every dollar you give will be matched.

Your support is a lifeline for people in prison to organize and produce journalism. This month is going to see prison strikes all across the country– we’re really going to see a change. The change is going to come from people inside, and we’re going to be there amplifying their voices.

Meanwhile, Mumia’s legal team is working around the clock to appeal the court’s denial of treatment. And every day, we are defending prisoners’ rights to speak and placing courageous investigative journalism from over 41 prison reporters on 4,000 outlets world-wide.

It’s time to beat the DOC’s torturous protocols that deny prisoners health care. It’s time to bring the voices of our incarcerated community onto the airwaves. It’s time to abolish the prison industrial complex and end mass incarceration- and to do so with people in prison.

Will you help us reach $50,000 with a gift of $25, $103 or even $250? Every dollar you give will be doubled through tomorrow midnight.

Thank you! Cuando luchamos ganamos. When we fight, we win.

Noelle Hanrahan, Director

PS- Remember- Every dollar you give will be matched, dollar for dollar, through midnight tomorrow. Give now and double your impact.

Donate today and double your impact:
To give by check:
PO Box 411074
San Francisco, CA

Stock or legacy gifts:
Noelle Hanrahan
(415) 706 – 5222

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