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Nate Parker Explains Why People Should See ‘Birth of a Nation’: ‘Nat Turner Did What He Did For Us’

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By Ricky Riley Sept 17 th 2016


In a Sept. 16 interview with Global Grind, director and actor Nate Parker says that the story of Nat Turner is bigger than his past rape scandal.



Parker’s 1999 rape case has dominated the press for his upcoming Oscar contending film, “The Birth of A Nation” press.

The then 18-year-old Penn State University wrestler was acquitted in the rape of an allegedly unconscious woman.

 However, the filmmaker urges people to see his film in spite of the that.
“Nat Turner did what he did for us,” Parker starts. ” I believe in the healing power of this film … When people see this film they will see this time period with a different lens … Turner was skinned. They crushed his flesh to grease. That’s history. They wanted to erase his legacy. “
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