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Congressional Black Caucus Faces Future With President-Elect Donald Trump


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The Congressional  Black “Carcass” in support of American Democracy in general , and Democratic party in particular, operating under the “illusion of inclusion” have done serious harm to their  Black constituents for a least a generation.  From their support of Rockefeller drug laws ,Reagan’s anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, to the 1994 crime bill that Clinton championed, they in conjunction with their white counterparts have done irreparable damage to Black Families. As supposed generals in this battle, they have failed to bring forth solutions for a failed Black economy, jobs for Black families, reparations to Blacks for hundreds of years of physical enslavement and Jim Crow. They need to lose their jobs as representatives to our people in this struggle, and be held accountable for their failure to realize who and what we are up against,(White Supremacy).  If you don’t think they are asleep at the wheel, read the article and please leave your comments.


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