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Nigerian Entrepreneurs Find Sweet Success Selling Bottled 100% Raw Sugarcane Juice

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Three Nigerian entrepreneurs, based in New York City, have created a new, healthy 100% raw sugarcane juice beverage that they say is better for you than coconut juice. The unique beverage is cold pressed from carefully selected farm-fresh sugarcane stalks with no added sugar.

How they got started

Ganiu Ladejobi, with his partners Peterson Lochard and Mackenzie Bien-Aime, saw an opportunity to offer a healthy beverage that they enjoyed in Nigeria. And so, they decided to name the company, Sugarcane Island.

In the beginning, they were distributing directly to health food supermarkets in New York City. Later, however, they added bars and restaurants to their distribution because “sugarcane juice is also a great mixer for cocktails and other mixed drinks,” explains Ladejobi.

Amazing health benefits

According to many nutritionists and physicians, sugarcane juice is extremely nourishing and rich in antioxidants, which helps fights infections and boosts the immunity. It’s also rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes which makes it particularly good for dehydration. Further, it can help cure colds and other infections and fight off fevers.

In a recent interview with Black Enterprise, Ladejobi said that sugarcane juice is more versatile than coconut water, which is why he believes that “sugarcane juice will be the next popular beverage here in the United States.”

He also hopes to expand to other products, including “a line of herbal teas, all natural sugarcane body soaps, sugarcane infused energy bars, and a few other things.”

For more details about the company and/or to order online, visit

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