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”Minister Farrakhan At The Town Hall Meeting Of The CBC ’93”

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“In this video clip are brief examples of two mentalities, integrationist and nationalist. In the points raised for both, one has caused a sense of apathy among our people and stunted our growth, the other the door is still open and it’s not too late. Your opinion is welcome.”

Ahmaud Arbery And The Case For Making Georgia America’s First Majority Black State
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  1. Scotty

    IF Black people pay taxes that pay for public accommodations like public bathrooms, then Black people have a right to use anything that they are paying for or exempt them from taxes. People call that “integrationism” but I don’t see it that way. I see it as I should not have to piss outside in some bushes when there is public bathroom.

    There should be no place in America that is off limits to the people paying taxes, fighting and dying in their wars.

    We should also note that the NOI has integrated its organization with a collaboration with those Scientologist.

    No one told black people to stop going to black businesses just because Jim Crow was deemed illegal. However, I find it illogical to want Jim Crow to exist because it forced black people to stay in their own communities and work together.

    We should also not pretend like there was a Black business offering in every industry even back then. Many places, there may not be a Black owned gas station for you to get gas from and if I need gas to get where I am going then I should be able to get it from any gas station serving the public.

    It is about having the freedom of choice. It is the individual who must express their free will in a way that benefits their community.


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