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Time for an Awakening with Bro. Elliott guest head of Black Lives Matter Pa. Asa Khalif

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“Time for an Awakening” for Sunday 9/17/2017 at 7:00 PM (EST) 6:00 PM (CST) guest was Activist, Organizer, head of Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania, Asa Khalif. With the attack on Black Lives Matter and the Black Community by the Phila. F.O.P about the push for justice for David Jones, why are Black elected officials so silent, we’ll talked about this and other issues with our guest, Bro. Khalif and colleague Issac Gardner.
Time for an Awakening Podcasts
“Time for an Awakening” with Bro.Elliott, Sunday 7/25/21 at 7:00 PM guest Author, Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development in the Department of Africana Studies at John Jay College, N.Y., Jessica Gordon-Nembhard.
Time for an Awakening Podcasts
“Time for an Awakening” with Bro.Elliott Friday 7/23/2021 at 8:00 PM guest Medical & Holistic Physician, Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad
The “Purple Revolution:” U.S. Hybrid Warfare Coming Home To Roost?

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