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Connect TV By Let’s Buy Black 365 Season 1 Episode 1

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CONNECT S1E1 Pilot – New Positive Black Media, Culture, Activism &
Lifestyle Show by LetsBuyBlack
Meet your hosts and a few of our celebrity activist friends and family
like Prof Griff and David Banner make cameo appearances. Jam to
musical performance with Bassist Reggie Payne. And a special Let’s Buy
Black spoken word video still by the Kuumba Kids.

The “Purple Revolution:” U.S. Hybrid Warfare Coming Home To Roost?
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“Time for an Awakening” with Bro.Elliott, Friday Edition 7/09/21 at 8:00pm guests; Members of the 2nd Annual Race First Rally Organizing Committees
Afrikan Perspectives Podcast
Afrikan Perspectives with Brotha Oshi; The Day After the 4th of You Lie

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