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Black Reality Think Thank With Dr. William Rogers; OK! SO WHAT’S ALL THE RUCKUS CONCERNING BRO. WEST? 5-8-2018

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Is this just a concern among Millennial and post-Millennial and if so why? Are there deeper issues involved or is this all a media ploy to sell records and/or a publicity stunt? A lot of ink and airtime has been used on what Mr. West feels about those who were held in bondage in America and the Caribbean for over 400 years. Why? Why? Why? Maybe the better question might be who cares?

The Black Reality Think Tank will host a panel of Millennial and generation x activist and thinkers led by Ms. Shentelle Brooks who will attempt to shed light on this issue.

Program airs live at 8pm eastern time on Tuesday 5/8/18.

Studio Line: 215-490-9832

Listen live Online and streaming podcast at:

Also at:…/time-for-an-awakening-media/

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  1. Frances

    I think he is trying out Trump-think to see what he gets back. It’s working. He is working us.


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