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“Time for an Awakening” with Bro. Elliott 7-22-18 guest BFAA-Memphis Pres. Thomas Burrell

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“Time For An Awakening” for Sunday 7/22/2018 at 7:00 PM  our guests was Activist, President, Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association-Memphis, Thomas Burrell and Activist, Farmer, Bishop David Hall. We learned more about the lawsuit filed by Black Farmers against the Stine seed company, for fake seeds being sold to our Farmers in the Black Belt. Hear more about this and other topics from the President of BFAA-Memphis, Mr. Thomas Burell.


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  1. willie j collins
    willie j collins

    Well, well, well… another disgrace with Black farmers taking the hit yet again. Is this a national conspiracy by some group at high levels of Government like the USDA ??? We can’t get resolution of past wrong doing and denial of USA citizens rights. We can’t retain anything if we work hard and smart but unproductive due to some misguided individuals playing games. Well this is the game of life, you are suppose to play by the rules. The sames rules are to be in place for ALL AMERICANS…….


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