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Trauma and the African Family in America

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How does the black family heal from the horrors of slavery and Jim Crowism? What are the specific steps that must be taken for the healing process to be effective? This episode of the Black Reality Think Tank will address these questions and others as we begin to assemble a detailed path of understanding and healing.

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  1. Olori Ogheneovo Benjamin
    Olori Ogheneovo Benjamin

    Racism is a an ending word or a continuity in dominance in the lives and works of the Europeans against the black. However, while we cannot forget the past, we should always bear in mind that end of mankind is near. Our emphasis on race and evil done against the blacks will not makes us to achieve greatness. While I’m not a preacher man, but I recognise the hands of Jehovah in everything that happened, happened to give way or other good things to come up. Whose reasons are tired to God’s hand for those that believe in him.
    Let’s us talk about the expiration of the world of man that we end racism and all other evil in our society. I have discovered that the knowledge of man cannot help man nor bring peace. Fighting the evil done to us by the Europeans will not bring peace rather, more calamity. It’s only God kingdom that will soon end evil like Noah’s day that can solve mankind’s problem and not debate anymore.


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