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Warren Ballentine Show

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Re-Broadcast 10:00 – 12:00 pm Mon-Fri

About Warren


“The Warren Ballentine Show” is syndicated nationwide and can be heard and seen by millions of loyal listeners a week. The show explores today’s headlines, as well as stories and issues affecting communities in the areas of justice, education, health, finance, religion, relationships and politics— Warren Ballentine currently reaches over 1 million weekly through radio and podcast. The show brings together “Truthfighters” from across the country who work to empower and be empowered. According to Talkers Magazine, Ballentine is amongst the top talk radio audiences, making him one of the most listened to African American talk show hosts in America.


Known as the “The number 1 Truthfighter,” Ballentine continues to address topics well beyond law heard daily in syndication examining political themes and other topical issues most important to Americans. Recognized for his strident political commentary and keen ability to decompress some of today’s most complex issues and discussions, Ballentine’s verve and energy continues to attract audiences across the nation. Additionally, his unique ability to galvanize his listeners to be active in finding solutions to some of America’s biggest problems and not just complain, has made him one of the most sought-after activists and talk show hosts in the nation.


Most recently, Ballentine scored an exclusive interview with First Lady Michelle Obama “live” from the White House. Ballentine visited the White House as part of their Summit on Entrepreneurship for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions. The Summit offered the opportunity for Ballentine to provide a national African-American audience for small business owners, government experts, and leaders from a variety of HBCUs/MSIs to discuss their numerous opportunities and facilitate solutions to challenges in under served communities. As one of the most prominent and influential voices in the African American community and in the nation, Ballentine’s syndicated program continues to expand, offering a brilliant mix of talk, current events, interviews, branded segments and news.

Change Agent

Also an accomplished author, Ballentine’s first book, “The Truth About Black & White: A Practical Guide to Money and Race Relations in the 21st Century” quickly became a popular selling book that spawned national dialogue and continued to raise awareness about controversial race relations issues. Continuing to exercise his inimitable ability to connect with and reach audiences from all walks of life, Ballentine activates and encourages his listeners to take action during successful national tours and initiatives. He continues to interview some of the biggest names in politics, business and pop culture including, President and First Lady Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Dick Gregory and TD Jakes, to name a few.

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