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White People Want To Know What They Can Do!

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The title of this book is extremely relevant to life in America today, even though it was published in 1968.  All the injustice and white liberal “benign” racism Lester describes in his book, has not been changed in the intervening 50 + years.

The Black Reality Think Tank discusses white fragility and white privilege the poison that divides us as people and makes you forget that we are all descendants of an African woman. Shame on you to deny your heritage, shame on you to deny us our history and lineage, shame on you for saying racism does not exist. Shame on the white guy/girl that says that I am not a racist because I have black friends while allowing colleagues and family members to say racist things. Shame on you for voting against reparations. People let’s be honest and have a talk about racism as this is the only way to rid ourselves of fear. Do white people want to help black people then let’s discuss how they can do this? Come join the Black Reality Think Tank co-host Lawanda Chambers and Leola Williams tonight, June 9, 2020, at 7 pm central time (streaming live) or call in to join the panel discussion at (215) 490- 9832.

The program host is Dr. William Rogers.

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