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In order to recapture. resurrect, and rescue the minds of African people in America all corners of our community must speak out. This week’s discussion is the voice from the battlefield. The “After Seven Radio Group” interviews a young man whose blood brother’s life was “snuffed out” by a police officer. He turned his anger into action and now has created an organization to support family victims of murdered Black people.

The discussion is navigated by a group of millennial women who gives the listener a “birds-eye view” of the battlefield. Let me say the view is bloody.

Time for an Awakening Podcasts
“Time for an Awakening” with Bro. Elliott, Sunday 10/17/21 7:00 PM guest : Journalist, Associate Professor of American studies at Emerson College, Roger House
Black Agenda Project Black Agenda Project Podcast
Black Agenda Project with Dr. David Muhammad Wednesday 10/13/21
Time for an Awakening Podcasts
“Time for an Awakening” with Bro.Elliott, Sunday 10/03/21 guest Dr. Abeeku DaDa

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Time for an Awakening Podcasts
SPECIAL EVENT: 6/21/2020 Do Black Lives Matter w/ the Hon. Nii Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Chair of the AU Commission