Eighth Annual State of Africa town Address 2021

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Eighth Annual State of Africatown

2021 State of Africatown Program

February 20th, 2021 @ 10am – 2pmPst / 1pm -4pm Est

10:10     Welcome – TraeAnna Holiday                                                                    

10:15     Opening Remarks – Hon. Dawn Mason                                                                                                  

10:25     Libations – Dr. Marcia Tate Arunga                                                                          

10:35     ELDERS OF DISTINCTION AWARD PRESENTATION – Hon. Gus Newport                                                   

10:45     Guest Presentations (7 mins.)                                                                 

                Girmay Zahilay, King County Council                                                                       

                Vanessa Smith Garrisson, Co-Founder GirlTrek                                                                 

                Erica Ford, Founder LifeCamp NYC                                                                          

                Katura Bryant, Zola Experience                                                                 

                Domnique Davis, Community Passageways                                                                        

                Majestic Lane, Deputy Chief of Staff, City of Pittsburgh                                                                 

                Emijah Smith, King County Equity Now                                                                  

                Inye Wokoma, Wa Na Wari                                                                         

                Yordanos Teferi, Eritrean Community Seattle/Multi Cultural Center                                                        

                Munira Mohamed, East African Community Services                                                                      

                Dr. Keisha Scarlett, Seattle Public Schools                                                                            

                Cashayla Rodgers                                                                            

                Elijah L. Lewis                                                                    

12:30     K. Wyking Garrett, State of Africatown                                                                                                                 

12:50     Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley – Response to the State of Africatown                                                                               

1:05        Breakout Session – Rooms                                                                         

  • Education and Youth – Hosts: Room #1 Dominique Davis, Community Passageways and Room #2 Dr. Kiesha Scarlett, Seattle Public Schools                                                                  
  • Community Peace & Safety – Host: Room #1 Erica, Founder LifeCamp NYC                                                                          
  • Business & Economic Development – Host: Room #1 Elijah Lewis                                                             
  • Arts and Culture – Hosts: Room #1 Inye Wokoma, Wa Na Wari and Room #2 Vanessa Smith Garrison, Co-Founder GirlTrek                                                                             
  • Housing and Community Development – Hosts Room #1 Munira Mohamed, E. African Community Services and Room #2 Yordanos Teferi, Eritrean Community Seattle/Multi Cultural Center and Room #3 Munira Mohamed, East African Community Services     
  • Policy and Advocacy – Hosts: Room #1 Emijah Smith, King County Equity Now and Room #2 Majestic Lane, Deputy Chief of Staff, City of Pittsburgh and Room #3 Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley
  • Health and Wellness – Hosts: Room #1 Vanessa Smith Garrison, Co-Founder GirlTrek and Room #2 Katura, Zola Experience                               

The Address and Program will air on Time for an Awakening Media 1:00pm -4:00 pm EST

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