The Elders of Sankofa

How to Survive Covid-19 Infection

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There is much conversation about receiving the Covid 19 vaccination and being tested for the virus. What happens when you are infected and become sick. Will you survive? What do you need to know that may help you survive what has been such a deadly illness for more than half a million persons just in the United States? There is still so much that we don’t know, but join us on the Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast as we discuss the potential consequences of infection and what you and your family need to know to support your recovery and survival.

The Sankofa Council welcomes a discussion with hosts, Brother Kwasi Mwalimu, Sister Dee Dee Conley, and our guests, Dr. Sirr Grice and Dr. Janine James.

The Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast is an affiliate of The Black Reality Thinktank Radio Network.

The Elders of Sankofa
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The Elders of Sankofa
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