The Elders of Sankofa

Calling All Our Prospective Physicians

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The healthcare of black Americans has been tied to the number of black physicians providing healthcare services. Despite efforts to increase the number of black physicians over the last 50 years, we are seeing a decline in the number of black physicians. The Cream City Medical Society of Milwaukee has continued its efforts to increase the number of blacks entering medicine by writing for a grant to achieve that goal.

Join our hosts, Dr. Janine James, Dee Dee Conley as they learn about the Pipeline to Practice Program, and the efforts of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Cream City Medical Society from guests, Dr. Delicia Randle-Izard, co-founder of the Pipeline to Practice program, Dr. Talonda Lipsey-Brown, local college educator, Adrienne German, and, Anton D. Johnson, Admissions Recruiters, MCW Medical School.

The discussion will focus on the need for such efforts, plus what is expected from the community, and other partners to improve health care for African Americans.

The Sankofa Council of Milwaukee radio broadcast is an affiliate of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

The Elders of Sankofa
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The Elders of Sankofa