Why White Racism Won’t Go Away

Host: Dr. William Rogers

Join us for an open discussion on why White Racism and all of its symbols and nuances, sewn into the fabric of Eurocentric life, will not disappear..

Navigating The Journey To The Mountain Top

A dialog in order to make sense of our world and understand the “hidden hand” behind the daily political and economic activities.  How do African people use this understanding to move forward?

Who’ll Pay Reparations on My Soul?

Jamaican filmmaker creates a documentary on Slavery, Reparations, and Repatriation in Jamaica. The name of the film is “The Price of Memory.” She will be a guest on the Black Reality Think Tank Tuesday 11/20 at 8pm eastern time.

The film is available for viewing for a limited time at no cost for Black Reality Think Tank listeners prior to tomorrow’s broadcast.


All of History is a Current Event

The Black Reality Think Tank is honored to have as our guest conversationalist on this week’s broadcast, Mr. Gene Peters.

Mr. Peters is a Historian, Educator, Educational Consultant, and noted Heritage Collector. His private collection is called “THE GENE ALEXANDER PETERS COLLECTION OF RARE & HISTORIC AFRICAN AMERICAN ARTIFACTS.” He is also President of The Schomburg Corporation (the officially chartered, independent advisory affiliate to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture) headquartered in Harem, NY.

Mr. Peters was recently invited to curate and feature a custom: “SLAVERY IN NEW YORK CITY: The African Burial Ground Tribute Exhibit” for the National Black Theater in Harlem, NY!!
The production entitle “UNHEARD VOICES,” conceived, developed, and produced by 4x Emmy award winning writer & playwright JUDY TATE, is a powerful, original, monologue play in which featured actors “Give Voice” to the 419 unnamed African and African American men, women, and children who are buried in the “rediscovered” colonial era burial ground in NYC, originally named, ‘Negroes Burying Ground’ or ‘Negroes Burial Ground’ (@1690 – 1794).



Join our conversation as we consider our survival in this mad, mad, mad world.  We have assembled a panel of community activist who will review current events and indicate how they might impact Black America.

How must the African American community understand things such as the political change in Brazil; Lindsey Graham, and Trump’s birthright citizenship legislation; Pittsburgh killings; Florida bomb threats, the unreported killing of African Americans by whites; parking lot assassination of two grandparents by white terrorist; global warming and its effects; dirty politics and the midterm election; MAYBE IT’S ALL FAKE NEWS.



The Socio-Economic Side of the Negro Baseball League


The Black Reality Think Tank will host a discussion on the Negro Baseball Leagues as a financial opportunity for the Black Community during the 1920’s and 30’s. Our guest is Mr. Dennis Biddle founder of Yesterday’s Nego Baseball League, LLC. Mr. Biddle will discuss his role in the history of Negro Baseball and its impact on the Black Community economically and socially.

The Continuing Discussion on the Impact of Chattel Slavery

The enslavement and captivity of African people is a 500+ years system of horror and turmoil.  Throughout the contemporary African diaspora, descendants of that system are still suffering in many ways.  In order to address these ills and offer solutions depends on being able to understand what was done and how it was done.  This understanding can only be achieved through in-depth and careful research, coupled with critical analysis.  We must remember that the impact of African captivity embraces every area of human life:  history, economic, political, social, spiritual, religious, health, community building, family development, psychology, sexual health, and education.  This is not a “light way” process.  African people must be consciously consistent in the quest to understand what happened during slavery and how it impacted our lives.

The Black Reality Think Tank is committed to offering a platform and structure to mitigate our understanding of slavery.

Our aim here at the Black Reality Think Tank is to render among African people in America an awareness that we are somebody. 

The goal and objective of the Black Reality Think Tank are to study and understand the past, in order to dissect the present and support implementing a meaningful future.


In light of all the killings of Black folk by the white terrorist, are African Americans being baited to retaliate so that real bloodshed can be implemented?  How long will we allow our children to be kidnapped and killed?  Are our only recourse candlelight vigils and teddy bears on street poles?  How do we alert our children to these possibilities?  These questions and others will be examined on tonight’s program 8/17/18.

Click on the photo and listen now.


Black Reality Think Tank 2018 Fall Roundup: The Butterfly Effect

Supreme Court confirmation, Bill Cosby conviction, mid-term elections, economics, White Privilege?  What does all of this mean as it relates to the African American community now and in the future??? A panel of community activist and political thinkers will critique, examine and explore this question on tonight’s broadcast (10/9/18). The panel will consist of N’kozi Knight, Oshi Adelabu, Dr. Alice Belcher, and Herbert White.

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