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Imani, Walking by Faith with Afrikan-centered lifestyles.

Join the Milwaukee Sankofa Council of Elders as we engage in a lively discussion about “Imani- Walking by Faith with Afrikan-centered Lifestyles.”

The Council has covered six of the seven principles-Nguzo Saba that WILL free Us, if we just embrace them, internalize them, make them part of OUR Daily lives. As we strive to restore, renew, revitalize, and reaffirm the righteousness of OUR Legacy and Heritage through principled lifestyles, OUR Faith in; OUR families, OUR community, and in OUR Spiritual development will LIBERATE Us !!!

Our host, Sister Efua MA’AT (aka Patrice Robinson), and guest Shepsi Ra (aka Mentha)promises a rich exchange along with YOU, the audience, for this session of IMANI.

Sankofa Council of Elders radio broadcast is an affiliate of The Black Reality Think Tank radio network.


The Black Reality Think Tank will explore this question as we approach the holiday season. Our guest is Dr. Bruce Bridges, author of the book,

“Recapturing The African Mind.” Is the answer to the program question a key in the recapturing process?

Dr. William Rogers is the host.

The Black Family Must Heal

“Black Sista Talk conversation this week will address “The Grown Ass Parent Child” Join us for the discussion.

The host is LaWanda Chambers

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