Dr. King discussing group economics and Black empowerment (1967)

Dr. King briefly explains why he changed his philosophy a year before he was murdered in Memphis.

One comment on “Dr. King discussing group economics and Black empowerment (1967)

  1. Dr. King’s speaking out against the war in Vietnam was an admirable and courageous thing to do. The true
    mark of a Christian is to speak on truths that a lot of people are afraid to say in mainstream America. This pertains especially to preachers who like to speak on safe theology that relates to the Bible, but many black or white preachers never want to speak on unjust controversial social issues in relation to race, economic injustice, or incarceration of blacks. Jehemiah Wright, and Cornell West and some others have spoke truth to how America has misled their people when it comes to social issues. Unfortunately, you have a large percentage of people who think they are unpatriotic citizens of the U.S. due to them telling the truth about America’s capitalistic greed and their insensitivity towards blacks, poor and incarceration.

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