Fathers Parenting in the Village

“It takes a village to raise a child”, including Mom and Dad. The Sankofa Council Radio Broadcast welcomes a discussion of the difficult issue of parenting in the Black Community. Single mothers are struggling financially and without parenting support in many cases. Children living without their fathers are missing what fatherhood provides, including nurturing, protection, a feeling of belonging, role-modeling, etc. Fathers are navigating the courts, child support systems, and broken relationships to be with their children. Without effective parenting for our children, what are the legacy and predictable future of the Black Community?

Join us as we discuss ways Black fathers can learn to engage with their children that are essential for their children and satisfying for the father. Our hosts, Brother Charles Robinson, Kwasi Mwalimu, Sister Dee Dee Conley welcome Brother Tony Courtney who will share skills for such parenting.

The Sankofa Council radio broadcast is an affiliate of the Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

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