Umoja is celebrated December 26th, the first of seven days of celebrating Kwanzaa and empowering ourselves as Afrikans in America. Sankofa Elders will celebrate our Afrikan culture and the universal principles of Nguzo Saba that are the first steps toward taking our rightful place on the world stage as a proud people, aware of our collective power and of our greatness. The Elders will explain what Umoja (unity) looks like personally, in the family, in the community and in the Afrikan diaspora. Come and join the Elders of Sankofa Radio Broadcast live celebration of Umoja, the first principle of Kwanzaa, on Saturday, December 26, at 6 pm central time.

The program host is Horace Craft and Co-host are Queen Mother Shabaka and Dr. Janine James, MD.

The Elders of Sankofa Radio Broadcast is an affiliate of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

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