Maureen Taylor: Michigan Welfare rights & Gary Grant: BFAA

Maureen Taylor, Grassroots Activist and Chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. We talked with our guest about what’s going on surrounding the poisoning of the water supply provided to our people in Flint MI. Also, Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association president Mr. Gary Grant joined us. The discrimination that contributed to the decline of the black farmer as well as loss of land, that lead to the Black Farmers Settlement, still persist.


One comment on “Maureen Taylor: Michigan Welfare rights & Gary Grant: BFAA

  1. The situation concerning the contaminated water in Flint, Michigan is a tragedy and a wake up call that
    we as black people in the U.S. need to unify and start taking our lives more seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of
    African Americans still probably does not know that the travesty in Flint, Michigan and the
    continued discrimination of the black farmers not getting there money due them; because were saturated with
    the T.V. show, “Empire”, “Scandal” and toxic Hip Hop. White folks are killing us softly with toxic entertainment
    while, and systematic genocide by water and chemical air pollution. When are we going to wake up and realize their is more to life be sides entertainment and paying $600. 00 dollars for Uncle Tom; Michael Jordan’s sneakers?

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