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“Black Media is Black Power” and we are Blacking it Out!

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Your new favorite Black culture & lifestyle show features segments of the best in Black music, culture, education, revolutionary thought, food, health, activism, business, entertainment, and everything. Why? You’ve been starved for positive Black media content for too long. Now, the wait is over. Watch Connect by Let’s Buy Black 365 Mondays at 8 PM Eastern.

In Season 1, don’t miss any of the  surprise guests, cameos, giveaways, trips, and more. This programming is brought to you by the Positive Black Media Project team of the Let’s Buy Black 365 movement. Tune in every Monday at 8:PM Eastern.


Sometimes don’t you feel like society pretends like there’s nothing positive going on in the Black community?

Every time you turn on the tv or tune into the radio–it’s just bad news, after bad news. Well, Let’s Buy Black 365 is disrupting the narrative with its brand new the breakout show Connect.

Featured in this video

Dr. Obadele Kwame Kambon of

Tahir RBG

Che Black of United Front

Elliot Booker of Time for An Awakening Media

Michael Imhotep of the African History Network

Kali of Get This Wisdom Magazine

Bashea Imana and the Kuumba Kids

Singer Elyssa Nicole

Professor Griff

David Banner

Dr. Mawiyah Kambon

Taalib Saber

Reggie Payne

Robert Dewitty

Fatima of DTRB

Rapper Rahiz

Stacie Banks

Nataki Kambon


Bro. Ase

Chef Khepra

Eurika Huggins Ngina