Dr. Obadele Kambon X-Live Interview: 1804, Haiti and Launch



In this video Okunini Ọbádélé Kambon discusses the relaunch of marked to coincide with the January 1 date of the Haitian revolution. For the big launch on January 1, 2018, Okunini organized as simulcast between Ghana and Afrikans throughout the world highlighted by a discussion on the significance of 1804 by Ɔbenfo ‘Professor’ James Small. at 10,000 Afrikans=Black people strong is the only exclusively Afrikan=Black space on the internet that is entirely Afrikan=Black owned and operated that is about Abibifahodie ‘Afrikan=Black Liberation.’ Purchase this discussion to get an insightful view into the roots of revolution among Afrikan=Black people and how the battle for Abibifahodie from under non-Afrikan control, ideologies, religions, kwk. continues today.

Duration: 52 minutes, 52 seconds


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