Rep. Rush: ‘I sincerely apologize’ for my vote for 1994 Violent Crime Bill


When then-President Clinton signed the violent crime bill in September 1994, the bill was originally written by then Senator Joe Biden, supported by Hillary Clinton, voted for by Bernie Saunders and the misleadership of the Congressional Black Caucus of the 103rd Congress. The former president said in July 2015 that the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act he signed in 1994 put too many people in prison for too long. Telling a NAACP Convention audience in Philadelphia in July 2015, Clinton said he wanted to ‘admit’ his role in imprisoning so many Black Americans, Clinton said: ‘I signed a bill that made the problem worse – and I want to admit it.’ It didn’t sound like in his exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters in Philadelphia on 4/7/2016 that he was sorry for anything.  Bobby Rush apologizes in this video, other Black Caucus members who were party to it need to do the same, and fight to their last breath to correct this atrocity against the Black family.




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