Black male & female relationships


Black women are embracing the “body positive” movement as a source of high-quality mental health practice. This movement is not supporting obesity or bad health. It is a positive step toward loving one’s self and feeling comfortable about who you are regardless of your body. composition.

The women of After Seven discuss the circumstances of “body positive” and prejudging a woman because of her body type.


Listen to the ladies of “After Seven” as they discussmale/female relationships among the millenial generation.

The “After Seven” Radio program is an affiliation of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Group.

From Boys to Men

Black Sista Talk conversation this week will address the “Socialization of Black Males and the Emotional Labor it Puts on Women and Society.

Host LaWanda Williams

This program is an afilliate of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.


The “After Seven” Millenial Radio Group discusses relationship issues that impact their lives and their quest to build strong Black family structures. It is their perspective if young Black Families are going to survive, the process of development must begin at the relationship stage.

Program host: Shanny B- Co host: Lady V; Mia Marie; and Tavi

After Seven Radio Group is an afilliate of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

Prof. James Clingman and BTRN host Sister Tsiyon.


“Time For An Awakenings” guests was BTRN host Sister Tsiyon, and one our most prolific columnist on economic empowerment for Black people, Author, Activist, Prof. James Clingman. We will discussed “Solutions to the crisis in the Black Family: bridging the gap between Black men and women”, with sister Tsiyon. Then one of the founders of OMCBV&C Prof. Clingman joined us, “Boycott Prisons” along with other interesting topics was part of our discussion.

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