Developmental Psychology

Natural Psychology and a Science of Human Transformation”

Elders of SANKOFA Council

“Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Our Creator and Ancestors” Black/AfriKan Developmental PsychologyProgram

A conversation with the Elders of SANKOFA Council of Milwaukee Guest: Baba Charles Robinson JD one of our Elders with over 45 years of experience serving the Milwaukee Community.

Host Alfonzo Watkins MSE, LPC

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The Elders of Sankofa Counsil Radio Program is an afilliation of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

The European Male and his Family (“PsychoPathic Racial Personality Disorder”)

“Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Our Ancestors”
“Black/AfriKan Developmental Psychology”

This program will present a critical analysis of the groundbreaking work of the Great Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Clinical Psychologist.

Guest: Dr. Kweku Ramel Smith PhD. LP, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author-” Building a Better Man”, Activist and Speaker.

Moderator: Alfonzo Watkins MSE, LPC


>>>Seeing ourselves Through the Lens of Our Ancestors<<<

Developmental psychology is the scientific study of how and why human beings change over the course of their life. So the question becomes “How do we, as African people begin to Protect, Defend, and Heal ourselves Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically moving into the 21st Century?” One of our resident Mental health professionals and Co-host Alfonzo Watkins will lead an open discussion on this subject.

The program is produced by the Black Reality Think Tank and airs Saturday afternoon 6/6/2020, at 6 pm central time. The program streams live on One can call (215)490-9832 to listen via telephone.

This is the maiden voyage for this addition to the Black Reality Think Tank Family where we are always “Solution Focused.”

The program host is Dr. William Rogers.

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