Obstetrical Lynching

“Black American Genocide: Obstetrical Lynching”

The Elders of Sankofa Radio Broadcast group and guests will discuss the disproportionate deaths of African American mothers and their babies despite what should be the best healthcare services in the world.

While we are learning more about this we will focus on strategies to prevent such deaths.

The African Ancestry Ma’at principle of Truth; the Nguzo Saba principle, Kujichagulia, self-determination are important concepts for our survival.

The conversation host is Janine James MD. Co-hosts are Sister Dee Dee Conley and Bro. Kwasi Mwalimu Horace Craft. Guest consists of a team of leading MDs and health experts relating to infant mortality, prenatal care, and pediatrics, Wendy Wilcox, MD, Dr. Pat McManus, Myrtis Sullivan MD, and Washington Hill, MD.

The Elders of Sankofa Radio Broadcast is an affiliate of the Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network.

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