The Continuing Discussion on the Impact of Chattel Slavery

The enslavement and captivity of African people is a 500+ years system of horror and turmoil.  Throughout the contemporary African diaspora, descendants of that system are still suffering in many ways.  In order to address these ills and offer solutions depends on being able to understand what was done and how it was done.  This understanding can only be achieved through in-depth and careful research, coupled with critical analysis.  We must remember that the impact of African captivity embraces every area of human life:  history, economic, political, social, spiritual, religious, health, community building, family development, psychology, sexual health, and education.  This is not a “light way” process.  African people must be consciously consistent in the quest to understand what happened during slavery and how it impacted our lives.

The Black Reality Think Tank is committed to offering a platform and structure to mitigate our understanding of slavery.

Our aim here at the Black Reality Think Tank is to render among African people in America an awareness that we are somebody. 

The goal and objective of the Black Reality Think Tank are to study and understand the past, in order to dissect the present and support implementing a meaningful future.

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