“Understanding the Psychological Warfare of the Illness of AfriKan American CONSUMERISM”


“Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Our Creator and Ancestors”Black/AfriKan Developmental Psychology

The radio program will look at the Propaganda and Subliminal Seduction tools and tactics being used to keep the AfriKan American in a constant state of “Consumerism”. We will also discuss what types of Deprogramming and Re-Education processes that will be needed to change our reality and relationship to EUROPEAN Capitalism. Guest: Mr. James Bell, CLTC is a financial advisor, which he and his team specialize in personal and business planning with closely held business owners and families, they focus on establishing generational wealth. Mr. Bell and his partner Erica Wright MBA, CFP are proud to be the longest AfriKan American male and female team in their network over a 100+ year history, they have over 16 years of experience. They have achieved numerous sales awards and have serviced clients all across this country.

The show is Hosted by Alfonzo Watkins MSE, LPC Licence Clinical Psychotherapist.

Contact information: wakeupprogram@gmail.com

This program is an afilliate of The Black Reality Think Tank Radio Network

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