“Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Our Creator and Ancestors”

Black/AfriKan Developmental Psychology”

Understanding the Sociopathic Personality Configuration and Social Deviant Behaviors we are witnessing in the Development of Black/AfriKan Boys and Men. This radio program will provide critical analysis of the high levels of violence we are witnessing in our Community with our boys and men toward each other, women and children. We will attempt to give a clinical prognosis and diagnosis of the problem. We will also be discussing the Plague our community is facing in terms of Drugs and Alcohol abuse. Guest: Bishop Mark Steven Fossie, is the Senior Pastor of the Lion of Judah Christian Ministries. He is the President/CEO of M&S Clinical Services Inc. founded in 1995 as a mental health/substance abuse agency that provides services in Black Community. His credentials include MS, MBA, D.Hum, LMFT, APSW, CSAC, ICS.

Host: Alphonso Watkins, MSE, LPC

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